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Multiple Possibilities of Spyware for Cell Phones

Spyware for cell phones provides parents with multiple possibilities, including monitoring messages, SMS, and email, receiving logs of calls, blocking disturbing websites, limiting screen time, restricting abusing applications, scheduling of the use, and so on. Using all these possibilities, parents can control their children totally, prevent them from potential dangers and protect their mental health.

Internet Filter Feature

Internet Filter For Kids

The easiest way to solve a problem with inappropriate activities that your child performs on his/ her device is content filtering. This feature allows blocking access to websites that contain violence, hate, and porn.

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Accessible on all your devices

Instead of studying or doing hometask, children very often chat via instant messengers or play games. Therefore, one more useful feature of parental control software, as it was mentioned above, is access scheduling that allows restricting the use of applications or visiting websites in school time. Using this feature, you can set a weekly schedule for smartphone use. This will help children concentrate on studying process and allow improving their grades in school.

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Monitoring social

In order to keep an eye out for potentially dangerous situations, provident parents also need to control all the contacts and messages of their children. Parental control software even allows blocking contacts and monitoring all the messages received and sent via instant messengers, including Viber, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook, and others. Majority of teenagers and children prefer this type of messages instead of SMS.


A disaster of the 21st century

Chatting via instant messages and sitting in social networks is a real trend among the youth and a real disaster of the 21st century. Even adults can’t pry themselves away from social networks spending there a lot of their free time instead of living a real life, let alone children who grow with the Internet and devices from birth. From social networks, you can pick up the biggest amount of information about your kids, including whom they are going out with, who are their friends, how they entertain, and what they prefer. Instant messengers and social networks are an inherent part of their life. So, in order to be aware of all the activities of your child, spyware for cell phones will help you look through all the messages receiving and outgoing via instant messengers.

How Spyware for Cell Phones Helped People Protect their Child from Sexting Abuse

Let’s consider a bright instance of how spyware for cell phones helped people protect their child from sexting abuse. Emily from Virginia told us a story about how she saved her teen daughter from abuse:

“I noticed that she started to go home from school late. It seemed to me strange. I asked her where and whom she spends her time. She asked me that she did hometask with her friend Alice at the library. I believed her for the first time. But then I realized it was lies when I saw a text message with a very strange content....Spyware for cell phone help me with it”

Tina Jones
“I decided to install spyware for cell phones on her device in order to keep up with all the messages and activities that she performs on her device outside the home. And I was really shocked when I found out that she send her nude photos to a guy from the dating website. It was the last straw. Before, we communicated on the topic of the relationships, but I can't believe that my little daughter has so fast grown. After that, I decided to block all the websites that have dubious content and all the messengers in school time.”

Jake Warren
“Spyware for cell phones provides provident parents with a huge number of possibilities. This is a really very easy way to prevent your children from inappropriate activities on their devices in several simple clicks. Today, this is a single right solution. ”

Kim Smith

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