About US

Currently, there is a huge number of reasons for tracking someone’s device including monitoring your children in order to protect them from harmful or inappropriate content and communication, suspecting your spouse of cheating, controlling employees in the work time, and so on.  Each of these reasons makes people search for top-grade reliable multifunctional tracking software. Looking for high-quality tracking software, you need to pay your attention to several main aspects:

  • easy monitoring in real time;
  • a high level of security and privacy;
  • compatibility with Android/ iOS;
  • a possibility to track a smartphone without rooting and jailbreaking;
  • live control panel that allows monitoring and restricting your target device;
  • easy installation in several steps, and so on.

All these features belong to key benefits that a reliable spy software company provides its customers. While helping to choose the most reliable and multifunctional spying software solution, we test all these features in order to cover all the demands of our customers.

Main problems that exist in the spying software industry

In order to get the best results among our potential clients, our team has researched monitoring software market and finds out several important negative attributes that stop the development of tracking software market:

  • viewing a browser by default which means you can’t track the history of visited websites by your tracker person if he/ she uses another browser;
  • monitoring email client by default which hinders looking through all the emails outgoing and incoming via other email clients;
  • tracking instant messengers – a lot of spying software offer a specified list of instant messengers, including Viber, WhatsApp, Facebook, Hike, Instagram, Tinder, and many others. This means that if your spouse or child uses an instant messenger that doesn’t belong to this list, you can’t track his/ her chatting with a potentially threatening person.

What features our team tests

Our software testing team tests all these crucial spy features during the testing process of the spying software:

  • looking through SMS and MMS content;
  • tracking and recording incoming and outgoing calls, receiving reports of the calls;
  • monitoring GPS location and geofencing;
  • looking through all the pictures that your target person sends and receives via messengers, email, and so on;
  • tracking messages outgoing and incoming via a wide range of instant messengers, including Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, Tinder, Hike, Instagram, Snapchat, and others;
  • a remote control that allows recording all surrounding sounds. This option enables listening to all the conversations of the employees during their work in order to control the work process completely;
  • live viewing that enables monitoring all the actions of the target person on the smartphone and the environment of the device;
  • schedule restriction that allows you to restrict or block completely the use of different messengers, applications, websites, emails, and so on which can be a very useful option while controlling your children in order to protect them from inappropriate influence;
  • viewing the history of visited websites via different browsers which allows being aware of all the content viewed by your target person. Also, this option is very useful when you want to know which websites your employees visit during their work time.

One of the most useful features that spying software companies offer to their customers is analysis tools that enable to get reports of how much time your employees spend visiting different websites and social networks, chatting with their friends via instant chats and how much time they spend on work. In order to help our customers to choose the best cell phone tracker software, we test analysis tools in details.

Why you need to choose us

Despite the comparatively recent launch, our company has gotten a lot of experience in testing and analyzing the spying software and belongs to the leading software testing companies. We pay attention to all the complaints and wishes of our customers and try to improve our analysis tools in order to match all the demands of them. We want our customers to be satisfied with the best cell phone tracker software solutions. That’s why while testing spying software, we pay attention to a wide range of spying options and tools offered by our software company, easy installation, compatibility with Android/iOS, and many other useful features.